Singing Stills

I'm Shane Timm.
I love music.
I love photography.
I work for a band,
So I combined the two.

"I just wanted to thank you for being such a positive, fun, and excited band manager (at least I think that's your official title?) Of course you do so many tangible things for the band that are apart of your job but l know you must do so much more for them, which makes the them able to have the same great attitude! Basically thanks for being great! Ps- somehow I manage to get the setlist every fun. show I go to, so thanks for that too :)"

Asked by Anonymous

I’m actually the stage manager and tech. Fun’s band manager is a very very busy man making sure we get to keep doing this every day. Wonderful person. I’m glad you come out to many shows and obviously are front row! That’s fantastic! Thanks very much:)

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